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Getting Firefox Source Code on a slow connection

Firefox is hosted on a mercurial repository, and is very large in size (~2GB). Having tried cloning it multiple times using hg clone gave the common stream ended unexpectedly or http connection error.

Hence, I tried using the bundle method as per the instructions here. This time, though I was able to get the code, I was getting the same errors on hg pull.

After searching for answers online, the method which finally worked for me was pulling it chunk by chunk. I wrote the following script to do it for me

while :
	# Using 3000 as the chunk size
	# Can be adjusted as per your
	times=`expr $start + 3000`
	echo Running $times
	hg pull -r $times

Once this ends, (you’ll get a message saying not enough changesets), you can run the following command

$ hg update --clean

And voila, you have your own firefox repo!